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Septimus Heap: Book Two - Flyte

Septimus Heap: Book Two - Flyte

Angie Sage
Illustrator:  Mark Zug 
Fiction  Series
For ages 9 to 12
HarperCollins, 2006   ISBN: 978-0060577346

Septimus Heap is quite happy in his new life. As the Apprentice to the ExtraOrdinary Wizard he is kept busy and he is certainly learning a great deal about his craft – about Magyk. A year has passed since he agreed to become Marcia Overstrand’s Apprentice and since the evil Necromancer DomDaniel was vanquished. What Septimus and everyone else does not know is that Septimus’ jealous brother Simon retrieved the bones of the Necromancer. Simon has agreed to help to bring the Necromancer back to life with the understanding that Simon will become his Apprentice.

No one has a clue as to what is going on until the day when Simon rides into the courtyard of the Castle and kidnaps Jenna, the Princess and his adoptive sister. Soon Septimus and his brother Nicko are heading for the Forest, a very dangerous place, where they hope to get the help of Wolf Boy. Nicko is sure that if anyone can track Jenna, Wolf Boy is the person to do it.

Meanwhile Jenna has her hands full trying to understand why the brother who once was so kind to her is now kidnapping her. Though the situation is a very bad one indeed, Jenna does not give up hope. With the help of a Magyk Charm that Septimus gave her she manages to escape from Simon’s clutches. She knows that she must get to the safety of the Marram Marshes, to the home of her Aunt Zelda, but can she do this before Simon finds her and captures her once more? What is Simon up to and will they be able to put a stop to his plans?

In this second book in the Septimus Heap series readers will quickly find themselves caught up in the drama and excitement of the tale. Many of the characters that we met in the first book return to further amuse and interest us. Plenty of action, mystery, and magical intrigue will keep readers engaged from the beginning to the end of the book.