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Septimus Heap: Magyk Audio

Septimus Heap: Magyk Audio

Angie Sage
For ages 9 to 12
Unabridged audiobook (Digital)
Performed/read by: Allan Corduner
Harper Children’s Audio, 2005   ISBN: 978-0060760830

On a cold winter's night two babies are born. One is Septimus, the seventh son of Sarah and Silas Heap. The other is the princess, the daughter of the queen. On the night of their birth a midwife suddenly announces that Septimus is dead and she whisks his body away. At the same time, Silas finds the little baby princess is the snow. Marcia Overstrand, an Apprentice Wizard, has placed the baby there knowing Silas will find and care for her. It is vital that no one should know where the baby princess is. Her mother has been killed and the queen's murderer is eager to do away with the princess as well.

Now, ten years later to the day, Marcia is back demanding that Silas and Sarah hand the hidden princess over to her. The child, whom everyone knows as Jenna Heap, suddenly discovers who she is and that someone very evil is out to get her. However the Heaps love Jenna dearly and they insist on doing all they can to protect her.

What follows is a mad dash away from The Castle to the relative safety of Aunt Zelda's hidden cottage in the Marram Marshes. However, Jenna's enemy, the Necromancer DomDaniel, is not easily thwarted . He knows he cannot seize power completely until the princess is dead, and he is determined to make sure that this happens as soon as possible. To makes matters even more complicated, it would appear that Septimus Heap is not in fact dead and yet no one is sure where he is now.

There can be no doubt that this new series is going to attract a great deal of attention, and a dedicated following of listeners. Wonderfully rich characters, deliciously silly situations, and plenty of magic of all kinds makes this story a gripping, even addictive, experience from start to finish.