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Septimus Heap: Book Five - Syren

Septimus Heap: Book Five - Syren

Angie Sage
Illustrator:  Mark Zug 
Fiction  Series
For ages 9 to 12
HarperCollins, 2009   ISBN: 0060882107

Septimus Heap has a simple task to do: to fly to the Trading Post on his dragon Spit Fyre to pick up Snorri, Beetle, Jenna, and Nicko. Unfortunately, as per usual, things do not go as planned. On their way home Spit Fyre is struck by lightning and his tail is horribly injured. The dragon is able to land on one of the Isles of Syren, but he cannot go any further.

Not long after arriving on the island, Septimus meets a Magykal girl called Syrah. He finds out that she is Possessed by a Darke spirit, and after she heals Spit Fyre, Septimus tries to do what he can to help the poor girl.

Meanwhile, Lucy Gringe and Wolf Boy are also in trouble. Captured by wicked pirates, they are forced to watch while the pirates steal a Magykal light from the Cattrock Light. What do the pirates want the light for? What are they up to?

Soon enough everyone finds out exactly what the pirate plans are, and Septimus has to do what he can to scupper the diabolical plan before it is too late.

Liberally sprinkled with humor and colorful characters, this magical adventure will delight readers who have enjoyed the other Septimus Heap titles.