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Sebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates

Philip Caveney
Illustrator:  Julek Heller 
Fiction  Series
For ages 9 to 12
Random House UK, 2008   ISBN: 978-0370329178

Despite having played an important role in the overthrow of an evil king, Sebastian Darke is not living the comfortable life of a hero with Queen Kerin, the woman he loves “with all his heart.” Instead, he is once again on the road with his friend Cornelius. Once again he has to listen to Max the buffalope complain at length about the new adventure that they are embarking on.

Together the three unlikely friends are off to find the mythical treasure of  Captain Callionestra, who was a famous pirate. They don’t get very far when they encounter two charming young people, a brother and sister, who are living in the forest. However, the travelers soon find out that these two are not what they seem, and they are not ‘nice’ either. They are shape-shifters, and after the brother is killed during a fight, the sister, Leonora, follows Sebastian and his friends, and she is bent on revenge.

With Leonora hot on their heels, the friends travel to the coast where they manage to hire a ship captain and her crew to take them to the island shown in their treasure map. Though they have already been through so much, Sebastian, Cornelius, and Max are going to have to endure a lot more in the adventures that lie ahead of them.

This is the second Sebastian Darke adventure, and it is just as entertaining and amusing as the first one was. Once again, Max the buffalope is difficult, opinionated, and stubborn. And once again he is a brave and steadfast friend who gives his all.

Readers who have a fondness for tales featuring pirates and hidden treasure are sure to enjoy this title.