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Say Daddy! (Picture Books)

Say Daddy! (Picture Books)

Michael Shoulders
Illustrator:  Teri Weidner 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Sleeping Bear Press, 2008   ISBN: 1585363545

When a new bear cub is born into the bear family everyone is delighted. On the very first day, filled with joy at the arrival of her new baby, Mother bear reads to her infant. She reads the baby “a book about life – and how wonderful it is.” After she finishes reading she asks her new child to “Say Mommy.” She so much wants her son’s first words to be her name, but the baby has other things on his mind.

Daddy reads to the little newcomer when they get home from the hospital. He chooses to read “a book about dreaming” and “our wishes”. When Daddy has finished reading he asks his son to “Say Daddy!” Alas the baby does not say anything.

And so it goes on with each member of the family. Everyone chooses a special book to read to the new arrival, a book which they feel will give the baby a sense of how wonderful and how full of love the world is. And each person in the family tries to get Baby to say his or her name. In the end Baby chooses for himself which word he wants to say first and it is a truly wonderful word.

This special picture book perfectly captures the love a family has for their new baby. It also shows readers how books enrich our lives and how they make the world a better, and richer, place to live. Finally, books help to bring us together with the people we love and they provide us with some very special moments.

This is a book which grownups will love to share with the special child or children in their lives.