Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews



Brian Jacques
Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
Penguin, 1992   ISBN: 978-0399219924

Mara the young badger maid is having great difficulty getting along with Urthstripe the Strong, her adopted father. Indeed she feels that she cannot live in Salamandastron any longer. So, when the opportunity presents itself, Mara and her best friend Pikkle the hare leave the great mountain to have adventures of their own.

What no one at Salamandastron knows is that the evil weasel, Ferhago the Assassin, is not far from Salamandastron and soon he decides that he wants the treasure that he is sure is stored somewhere in Urthstripe?s mountain. Ferhago and his ambitious son Klitch will do anything to get what they want.

Meanwhile, at Redwall Abbey, Samkim the squirrel and Arula the mole maid are, as usual, getting into trouble. The high jinks they get up to are nothing compared to the problems a pair of stoats cause however. These two greedy creatures not only end up killing one of the Redwall creatures, but they also flee the abbey taking the sword of Martin the Warrior with them. As if this were not bad enough, before he runs away one of the stoats infects the creatures of the abbey with the dreaded Dryditch Fever. It is said that the flowers of Icetor can cure the illness so two brave Redwallers go to the mountains to look for the flowers. At the same time Samkim and Arula race after the two stouts to get the sword of Martin the Warrior back.

With his characteristic storytelling skill Brian Jacques weaves brings together the adventures of Mara and Pikkle, Samkin and Arula, and the creatures of Salamandastron until they all come together, with Ferhago and his vermin hoards, for a great battle in and around the mountain of the badger lords. Colorful characters, heroes and villains, battles, victories, losses, and unforgettable songs make this a highly entertaining Redwall tale.