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Russell’s Christmas Magic

Russell’s Christmas Magic

Rob Scotton
Picture Book  Series
For ages 3 to 6
HarperCollins, 2007   ISBN: 978-0060598549

It is Christmas Eve and everyone in Frogsbottom Field is fast asleep except for Russell the sheep who is hanging lanterns on the old tree. As he is working, Russell sees what he thinks is a shooting star streaking across the sky. Only, when he goes to investigate, he finds that what he thought was a shooting star is in fact Santa. Santa has had an awful crash and his sleigh is broken. To make matters worse, because he has been seen, the Christmas Spell has been broken and Christmas will have to be cancelled.

Thankfully for Santa, Russell is not the kind of sheep to give up when the situation is looking a little rough around the edges. Russell gets out his toolbox and gets to work on an old car, which just happens to be lying around In a very short time Russell creates a Santamobile that any Santa would be proud to use. Now all that remains to be seen is to find out if the Christmas Spell will come back and work on this form of transportation. If it does. then Christmas can be "uncanceled," but if it doesn't...

In this delightful third Russell the Sheep book, Russell will once again charm readers with his loveable and determined personality. This is not a sheep who gives up. Fabulous snow filled scenes fill the pages and give the reader a glorious view of Russell's beautiful world. Touched with that special seasonal magic, this a perfect book to share with children in the days leading up to Christmas.