Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter

Penny Colman
For ages 12 and up
Crown Publishers, 1995   ISBN: 978-0517885673

When World War Two ended a great deal changed in societies around the world. One of the biggest changes was that many women were no longer willing to be only housewives and mothers after the war was over. They wanted to have jobs and careers, and to have a life outside of the home.

This all came about because women had to take on a very important role during the war, one on which the country depended. Women became the ones who went to work in the factories, who built the airplane and the trucks, who made the bullets and bombs. They were also the ones who had to "do without" and to get by with much less than they were used to. The women worked hard, took on every job that needed to be done, and found solutions to problems. Most important of all, they proved to themselves and everyone else that they could do just about anything that they put their minds to.

Illustrated throughout with period photographs, this book is filled with the words of those remarkable women, and it is a fitting tribute to those whom many believe were the ‘unsung heroes’ of the war.