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Rosie and Buttercup

Rosie and Buttercup

Chieri Uegaki
Illustrator:  Stephane Jorisch 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Kids Can Press, 2008   ISBN: 978-1553379973

Rosie is an extremely lucky rodent girl because she has everything she could ever want. She has parents who love her, two pet crickets, dance lessons, music lessons, and a bag of sun-dried dandelion puffs. Then Buttercup is born and Rosie is thrilled with her little sister. Rosie sings to Buttercup and she lets her little sister join her backyard ballet sessions.

After a time, Rosie starts to realize that Buttercup is rather annoying sometimes. She starts to think that it might be nice if Buttercup was not around to bother her. At first, Rosie resists this idea, but then Buttercup ties to open the cricket’s cage and Rosie gets veryupset. There is only one thing to do and Rosie does it. She gives her little sister away to a neighbor. Ahhh. Now at last Rosie’s life can go “back to the way they used to be.” Or maybe not.

There is no doubt that little brothers and sisters can be annoying at times. With humor and a delicate touch, Chieri Uegaki tells a sympathetic story that readers of all ages will be able to identify with.