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Rose Plays Hide and Seek

Rose Plays Hide and Seek

Cicely Mary Barker
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Penguin, 2005   ISBN: 978-0723253792

It is a lovely summer day and Rose the rose fairy invites her friends to join her in a game of hide and seek. Strawberry offers to supply the prize for the winner, a juicy sweet fruity treat. So the fairies prepare to begin their game when Bumble Bee asks if he could also join in the game. "I?m very good at hiding" he says.

The fairies are happy to include the bee in their game and soon he is off looking for a good place to hide while the fairies wait with their eyes closed. The fairies look and look for Bumble Bee and have no luck finding him. Then clever Scilla suggests that they listen for Bumble Bee rather than look for him and the fairies find Bumble Bee in amongst the snap dragon blooms.

This beautiful little book with Cecily Mary Barker?s delightful flower fairy illustrations will surely inspire all sorts of fairy games in the garden. The simple little story makes it perfect for young children while older girls will especially like the cunning and detailed illustrations.

This is one of series of books in the "Flower Fairies Friends" series.