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Rosie Flo's Garden Coloring Book

Rosie Flo's Garden Coloring Book

Roz Streeten
Nonfiction Drawing Book
For ages 7 to 12
Chronicle Books, 2009   ISBN: 978-0811866187

Rosie Flo is having a garden party and you are invited to participate in the event. Rosie has created all kinds of wonderful outfits for the guests to wear and you need to draw in the guests so that each picture is complete.

   Here we are outdoors and we see a trampoline and a garden hose. Two dresses hover over the trampoline and a third is next to the hose. We need to add some heads, arms, and legs to the picture so that we can see the girls who are enjoying bouncing on the trampoline and so we can also see their friend, who is happily spraying them with water.

   Further on we come to a see-saw (which is also called a teeter totter.) Two sets of very elegant and fancy dresses, shoes, and hats are resting in the air above the seats of the see-saw, but the outfits need girl’s heads, arms, and legs to make the picture whole. After all, we want to be able to see the girls who are enjoying their time at the garden party.

   Young artists are going to have a wonderful time bringing Rosie Flo’s garden party to life as they add characters to the outfits show in the book. The outfits are often inspired by flowers and plants, and you will even come across some of the little folk as you move about the garden.