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Rockwell: A Boy and his dog

Rockwell: A Boy and his dog

Loren Spiotta DiMare
Illustrator:  Cliff Miller 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Barron’s, 2005   ISBN: 978-0764157905

Scotty Ingram is always glad when he gets a call from Mr. Rockwell asking him to come over to pose for one of his paintings. This time Mr. Rockwell is doing a series of four calendar paintings, one for each season, and Scotty is going to be featured in each one of them. The series is going to be called “A boy and his dog.” Mr. Rockwell hasn’t found the right dog as yet so they are going to use a pillow as a stand in until they can find the right dog model. Mr. Rockwell thinks a beagle or a spaniel would fit the bill.

While they are working and afterwards Mr. Rockwell and Scotty talk about this and that. Scotty finds out that he is not the only one who is has trouble in school. Mr. Rockwell also had difficulties when he was a boy. Luckily his drawing skills helped him out. They also talk about Mr. Rockwell’s art and what it means to him.

One day Scotty sees a little beagle hanging out with his pet Basset Hound. The beagle looks as if she would be a perfect model for Mr. Rockwell. But first Scotty has to find out if she belongs to anyone and then he has to see if Mr. Rockwell thinks she would suit him.

This is an engaging fictional story describing the creation of four of Norman Rockwell’s well known paintings. Scotty Ingram really was one of Rockwell’s favorite models and it is interesting to get this picture of what their relationship was like and to also get a little insight into what Norman Rockwell was like as well.