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Rock & Roll Shapes

Rock & Roll Shapes

Salina Yoon
Novelty Book
For infants to age 3
Scholastic, 2010   ISBN: 978-0545150705

Sometimes the best way to teach young children about something, is to let them use all their senses to explore that something. For example, if you want them to learn to identify the color blue, you show them a variety of blue objects. They thus see the color, touch it, and perhaps even play with it.

In this clever novelty book, Salina Yoon uses this teaching method to explore five basic shapes. On each board double page spread, there is the name of a shape, and on the opposite page a novelty format that allows children to explore the shape. Cut out windows that are square, round, triangular, star-shaped, and diamond-shaped, reveal a glittery disk that children can move across the page with their fingers. The disk can move back and forth again and again, making a satisfying “clunking” sound as it does so. On each spread, children will see a picture of an object that has the shape that is being explored on that spread. Thus, on the diamond page we see a picture of a kite, and on the square page we see a picture of a present all wrapped up with a yellow ribbon.

Children will enjoy carrying this clever little book around by its handle, and it is a perfect title to take along on a trip or on a visit.

This is one in a series of Rock & Roll titles.