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Roald Dahl: A life of imagination

Roald Dahl: A life of imagination

Jennifer Boothroyd
For ages 4 to 6
Lerner , 2008   ISBN: 978-0822588252

When Roald Dahl was still quite a young boy he was sent to boarding school. Roald hated being away from his family and took some comfort in the once weekly letters that he wrote to his mother. Later, when he was a Royal Air Force pilot Roald did some more writing, though it was of a different kind. This time he wrote about his experiences as a pilot, and he described what it was like to be in a serious plane crash.

When World War II ended Roald got married and he and his wife had children together. He built a hut in his garden where he would go to write and this was where he turned his stories into books. Roald's children were often the first people to hear their father's stories.

Roald not only used his creativity to write children's books, but he also used it to invent things. One of his inventions was a special tool that was used to help children with dangerous head injuries.

Children who have been lucky enough to meet Charlie Bucket, Matilda, the Twits, and the BFG will be delighted to learn about the man who created these fantastic characters. This is a good introductory biography for young readers, who will not only find the text interesting but who will also enjoy the many period photographs.

This is one of the books in the Pull Ahead Biographies series.