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Rip Squeak and his Friends Discover the Treasure

Rip Squeak and his Friends Discover the Treasure

Susan Yost-Filgate
Illustrator:  Leonard Filgate 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 7
Rip Squeak Press, 2005   ISBN: 978-0974782515

Rip Squeak the mouse, his sister Jesse, and the cat Abbey are listening to a tale about pirates and treasure, adventures and excitement. Their very peculiar but lovable frog friend, Euripides, is reading to them from a book of "Pirate Tales." As Euripides is closing the book, a map falls out. To the delight of Rip Squeak and the others, the map is bona fide treasure map. The group of friends is soon all dressed up for a treasure hunt in suitably piratical attire. Then they set off into the garden where they meet all sorts of characters. There are the ants who are very busy carrying food to their nest, a mama duck and her babies, and Sam Aritan, Euripides' dragonfly acquaintance.

What the little mice and their friends discover is a treasure indeed, one which will no doubt give them much enjoyment; but they also discover that what is commonplace to some is a treasure to others. Best of all, they revel in the best treasure of all - the friendship that they share.

This second "Rip Squeak" book is sure to please just as the first one did. The characters are full of life, and the lush artwork is a joy to explore.