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Richard Scarry’s Father Cat’s Christmas Tree

Richard Scarry’s Father Cat’s Christmas Tree

Richard Scarry
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Random House, 2003   ISBN: 978-0375825569

Father cat has to go shopping at the supermarket and he takes his two children and their friend Lowly Worm with them. As they drive into the parking lot of the shop they see a large pine tree which stands practically in the middle of the road. Father Cat says "Merry Christmas, tree!" and then he tells the children why he made this odd remark.

When Father Cat was a boy his grandfather gave him a baby Christmas tree of his own which Father Cat planted in his garden. Later he planted the flourishing tree in a field so that it would have plenty of room to grown. As so often is the case the town spread and spread until it surrounded the tree. The mayor decided that the tree had to be cut down to make room for the supermarket parking lot. Of course poor Father Cat was very distressed about this. Then, on Christmas Eve a ferocious storm hit Busytown and Father Cat?s tree ended up saving the day in a most unexpected way.

This is a wonderful little story about one very special Christmas when a tree, decked out in lights, turned out to be more than just a pretty addition to the landscape. Children will be delighted that Father Cat?s tree was saved and they might be encouraged to consider planting a little pine tree of their own - a tree which will give them special memories and stories.