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Richard Scarry's Busiest Pop-Up Ever!

Richard Scarry's Busiest Pop-Up Ever!

Richard Scarry
Novelty Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 8
Random House, 2007   ISBN: 978-0375841200

The SS Porthole has docked at the seaport in Busytown and one of things that they have unloaded is a cargo of bananas. All is going well with the unloading until someone climbs into the truck loaded up with the bananas and drives off, and that someone  is not supposed to be driving the truck at all. Bananas Gorilla is stealing the bananas!

Quickly Sergeant Murphy follows the trail of bananas and he finds himself at the Busytown railway station. Goodness, what a busy place this is! How is he ever going to find the thief in this crowded spot? Then, at last, Sergeant Murphy sees his quarry on a first class train carriage. Bananas is going to the airport. The police officer sets off in hot pursuit, following the trail of bananas once again.

With dogged persistence Sergeant Murphy follows the naughty gorilla until, at last, Bananas Gorilla has a very sticky and messy accident.

In this splendid pop-up book children will not only enjoy looking at some marvelous pop-up creations, but they also will get to lift numerous flaps and pull lots of tabs to explore the world of Busytown. In addition to these novelty features there are Richard Scarry's rich and engaging illustrations to explore throughout the book. The text tells the story about a funny banana theft and it also encourages readers to participate in the tale by asking them questions about what is going on in the story. All in all, this pop-up provides readers with an engaging interactive experience.