Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews



Melissa de la Cruz
Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
Hyperion , 2008   ISBN: 978-1423102281

Though Schuyler Van Allen's life was not picnic before the death of her grandmother, now it is infinitely worse. Schuyler has to live in the Force household, when she would much rather live with her grandfather in the Van Allen homestead. Mimi Force goes out of her way to make Schuyler feel unwelcome, and Mimi's ?brother' Jack mostly ignores her. What no one knows is that Schuyler and Jack secretly meet in an apartment whenever they can. The two young people love one another and Schuyler cannot help hoping that theirs will be a love that will last forever. Why not?

Unfortunately, Jack Force has an ancient connection with Mimi. They have been bonded many times over the centuries, and Mimi has no intention of letting Schuyler interfere with her plans.

Meanwhile, the Blue Blood vampires continue to worry about the future. There is no doubt now that the Silver Blood vampires are back. No one knows who they are, and because Silver Bloods are capable of hiding within the forms of others, no one trusts anyone else. Something has to be done to safeguard the Blue Blood lines, but no one seems to know how to proceed.

Packed with unexpected twists and turns, this third title in the Blue Bloods series will have readers begging for more. More information about the past is revealed, and readers are finally shown how merciless and driven the Silver Bloods are. Will anyone be able to stop them before it is too late?