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Resistance: Book One

Resistance: Book One

Carla Jablonski
Illustrator:  Leland Purvis , Hilary Sycamore 
Historical Fiction Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 12 and up
First Second, 2010   ISBN: 978-1596432918

Paul, his sisters, and his mother live in a small French village. Paul’s father is a prisoner of war in a German camp somewhere, and Paul is doing what he can to help his mother. Though no battles are taking place anywhere near their home, life in Paul’s village is still very hard. Everyone is afraid of being denounced to the Germans, and feelings of suspicion and distrust are rife.

One day Paul goes to the hotel that his family owns, and he sees that the Germans have taken it over. He is immediately worried because the family who runs the hotel, the Levy’s, are Jewish, and if the Germans catch them who knows what will happen. Later that day that Paul finds Henri Levy in the woods and he tells his friend what has happened. Henri’s parents have disappeared, and Henri has nowhere to go where he will be safe. Paul decides that the only thing to do is to hide Henri in the family wine cave. He and his sister Marie have to keep Henri’s presence a secret, no matter what.

Later that same day Paul discovers that Jacques, the family vineyard helper, is a member of the Resistance, an underground group of people who are doing what they can to make life difficult for the Germans. Paul quickly offers to join the Resistance. He wants to do his part as loyal French citizen. At first Jacques refuses to consider Paul, but later he agrees to let Paul, and his little sister Marie, join the Resistance. After all, the Germans will never suspect that two children might be a threat.

This powerful and often disturbing graphic novel gives readers a very true to life picture of what it was like to live in France during World War II. No one, not even the children, are untouched by the terrible things that are happening around them. They live in fear, and on occasion, they are called on to risk everything for a cause that is bigger than they are.