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Rescue: Pop-Up Emergency Vehicles

Rescue: Pop-Up Emergency Vehicles

Matthew Reinhart
Novelty Book
For ages 4 to 6
Random House, 2011   ISBN: 978-0375871719

Most of the time, our lives are relatively quiet and problem free. Every so often though something goes wrong and we need help. Someone gets sick or injured, a fire breaks out, a person needs to be rescued, or something else bad happens. Thankfully there are people out there who are especially trained to deal with situations like these.

In this book, children will get to meet five different kinds of people who spend their lives working to help others. For each person, readers will find what he or she does, and what kinds of special vehicles the people use to do their job.

The author begins by telling us about police officers who “keep your town safe.” The officer tells us that he drives a special car that has “flashing lights and a siren.” Then we hear that thieves have stolen a painting from the museum. The police officer has to dash away to try to “catch those crooks.”

Matthew Reinhart then goes on to tell us about a lifeguard, a rescue helicopter pilot, a paramedic, and a firefighter. On every double page spread there are pop-up rescue vehicles to look over, and on some of the pages there are tabs to pull or little doors to open.

Children who are interested in people who work for the public good, and who drive interesting vehicles as part of their job, will enjoy exploring this novelty title.