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Remember the Alamo: Texians, Tejanos, and Mexicans Tell Their Stories

Remember the Alamo: Texians, Tejanos, and Mexicans Tell Their Stories

Paul Robert Walker
Nonfiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
National Geographic Children's Books, 2007   ISBN: 978-1426300103

The seeds for what would end with the showdown at the Alamo began many months before when Texians (Americans living in Mexican Texas) heard about the civil war in Mexico. They worried that General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna would impose his dictatorial ways on Texas, just as he was doing in Mexico. Some Taxians wanted to fight this threat while many just wanted to find "a peaceful solution to the conflict with Santa Anna's government." However, continued friction with the Mexican authorities made many of the Texians change their minds and they choose to back the cause of the Texas Revolution.

In October of 1835 the revolution, more a series of skirmishes than anything else, began. The Texians and their Tejanos friends had several victories and then in November they wrote up a Declaration of Causes which explained why they were fighting Santa Anna's forces. This was followed by more skirmishes and in December there was the Battle of Bexar. The Mexican leader at this battle, General Cos surrendered and left Texas. The Texians now controlled San Antonio and the Alamo, a mission near the town.

Infuriated by what was happening in Texas, General Santa Anna began to march towards San Antonio with a large army, determined to "regain control of his rebellious frontier." He would give the "foreigners" "no quarter" as he felt they did not deserve "any consideration." The Texian revolutionaries began arguing among themselves and as a result inadequate supplies and reinforcements were sent to bolster the one hundred or so men who were at the Alamo. But, despite their fact that they would be greatly outnumbered, the defenders of the mission were determined to hold out to the last man.

On February 23rd, 1836 Santa Anna and his army arrived in San Antonio. The Texians and the Tejanos helping them retreated to the Alamo and the siege of the mission began.

In this exceptional book, one of the titles in a series of "Remember... " books published by National Geographic, the author not only tells readers the story of this historic event but he also describes what took place before and after the fall of the Alamo. Punctuated by numerous annotated illustrations and maps, the text also contains many quotations from people who were witnesses to the events described in the book.