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Red Ted and the Lost Things

Red Ted and the Lost Things

Michael Rosen
Illustrator:  Joel Stewart 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Candlewick Press, 2009   ISBN: 978-0763645373

One day, Red Ted’s little girl, Stevie, leaves Red Ted on the train by accident. Red Ted ends up in a huge room that is full of things that people have left on trains. He is put on a shelf next to a toy crocodile, and the crocodile explains that they are in the “Place for Lost Things.” The crocodile has been there so long that he no longer remembers the child he once belonged to.

For a short while, Red Ted cries. What a terrible situation he is in. Then Red Ted decides that he is not going to wait to be found. Instead, he is going to find Stevie for himself. The brave little bear, with the crocodile in tow, makes his way out of the train station. The toys have no idea where to go next, but luckily a friendly cat thinks she may know where Stevie lives. The cat loves cheese, and Red Ted has a cheesy aroma on his fluffy person that smells familiar.

This heartwarming picture book will surely charm anyone who has been lost, or who has lost something precious. Being lost can be very upsetting, and Michael Rosen captures Red Ted’s feelings and his courage to perfection. Joel Stewart’s mixed media illustrations with their graphic novel format are delightfully unique, perfectly complimenting the text throughout the tale.