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Ready for winter

Ready for winter

Marthe Jocelyn
Board Book
For ages 1 to 3
Tundra, 2008   ISBN: 0887768482

It is wintertime and when we go outside we have to wear lots of clothes to keep warm. First let’s take off our pajamas and put on our long underwear. What should we put on next? Here is a cozy dress, or we could go for the jeans and sweater. We are going to play outdoors so we are going need warm socks, boots, and a snowsuit. Off we go, we are

ready for winter!”

The changing of the seasons is exciting. Not only do all kinds of things change in nature, but we also have to change our wardrobe. With her clever collages – created using fabric, yarn and other sewing notions – Marthe Jocelyn shows children what to expect, when it comes to clothes, when winter comes. The text is very minimal, the illustrations are charming, and this is a perfect title for little children.