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Ranger's Apprentice - Book 6 - The Siege of Macindaw Audio

Ranger's Apprentice - Book 6 - The Siege of Macindaw Audio

John Flanagan
For ages 12 and up
Unabridged audiobook (CD)
Performed/read by: John Keating
Recorded Books, 2009   ISBN: 978-1440730153

When Will the Ranger first came to Castle Macindaw to investigate stories that a sorcerer is at work in the area, he never suspects that he is walking into a very dangerous situation. He soon discovers that the state of affairs is a lot more complicated than he thought. A renegade knight called Sir Keren has seized control of the castle, and now Will and the rightful castle lord, Lord Orman, are hiding in Grimsdell Wood. Will learns that Sir Keren is going to align himself with the Scotti, Araluen’s fierce neighbors in the north. To make matters worse, Will’s friend Alyss has been taken prisoner by Sir Keren, who is hypnotizing the young woman to find out what she knows.

Will knows that the only way to put a stop to Sir Keren’s plans is to attack the castle, but he cannot very well attack the fortress on his own. Luckily, Will finds a shipload of grounded Skandians who need some work to help pay for a new ship, and the captain of the ship just happens to one of Will’s many acquaintances. The Skandians are quite happy to join Will’s cause, especially if it means that they get the chance to participate in a fight, and if it means that they will earn the money they need to build a new wolfship. Then Horace, Will’s longtime friend and comrade in arms arrives. Perhaps, if they use their wits and a few clever tricks, Will, Horace, and the Skandians will be able to take back Castle Macindaw before it is too late.

This sixth title in the Ranger’s Apprentice series continues where book five left off, and listeners are sure to find Will’s adventures interesting. With plenty of action, gripping fight scenes, and interesting character development, this audiobook will keep the listener engaged from the first to the last chapter.