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Ramona and Her Mother

Ramona and Her Mother

Beverly Cleary
Illustrator:  Tracy Dockray 
Fiction  Series
For ages 8 to 10
HarperCollins, 2006   ISBN: 978-0380709526

Ramona Quimby is feeling very left out of things. These days her father is working long hours at the ShopRite Market, and her mother is working at Dr. Hobson’s office. After school, Ramona has to go to her friend Howie’s house, where his grandmother watches her until she is picked up by one of parents. Somehow, things just don’t feel right because no one seems to have time for her.

Ramona’s left out feeling are made even worse when she sees how her mother and her big sister Beezus seem to be such good friends. Mrs. Quimby tells people that she “couldn’t get along without” Beezus, and people talk about how Beezus is her “mother’s girl.”  Why doesn’t Mrs. Quimby say those nice things about Ramona too?

Feeling rather lonely, Ramona tries to be a big girl like Beezus, but that doesn’t work very well. Then she tries to comfort herself by wearing her cozy warm pajamas to school, under her clothes. Instead of feeling cozy and comforted, poor Ramona feels terribly hot and her teacher cannot help noticing how flushed her student looks as she works at her desk.

Finally, after everything she tries to do backfires on her, Ramona loses her temper and she announces that she is going to run away because everyone picks on her.

In this amusing and heartwarming Ramona title, Beverly Cleary continues her story of Ramona, the little girl who is always full of surprises. Growing up, even when you are not yet in those turbulent teen years, can be difficult. Beverly Cleary addresses this issue with humor and sensitivity, helping children to understand that they are not alone when they feel left out.