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Ralph Masiello's Fairy Drawing Book

Ralph Masiello's Fairy Drawing Book

Ralph Masiello
Nonfiction Drawing Book
For ages 7 to 9
Charlesbridge, 2013   ISBN: 978-1570915390

Many children go through a phase when they are fascinated by fairies. They look for them, make little houses for them, leave them little presents, play with fairy dolls, tell fairy stories, and drawn fairy pictures. Ralph Masiello’s youngest daughter went through just such a phase, and because of her he decided that he would create a how-to book for young fairy fans so that they could learn how to draw fairy pictures.

Using step-by-step drawings, the author shows young artists how to create eleven kinds of fairies. Each step is simple and easy to follow, and when the outlines are complete the young artist can color in their creation using any colors they like. For many of his fairy creations Ralph shows his readers what the finished and colored-in fairy looks like. He uses a variety of media to show artists the different effects crayons, markers, watercolors, colored pencils, pastel pencils, and poster paint can have. He also gives artists drawings that combine several fairies so that children can see fairies in different settings.

Familiar fairies such as a fairy godmother and a tooth fairy appear on the pages, but there are also a few surprises as well. For example, have you ever seen a Dewdrop Fairy or a Hairy Fairy?

This book would make a wonderful gift for a child who is fond of fairies and fairy worlds.