Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Rainy Day with Bear

Rainy Day with Bear

Maureen Hull
Illustrator:  Leanne Franson 
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 6
Lobster Press, 2004   ISBN: 978-1894222853

Meet Bear, a teddy who is thoroughly fed up with the rain. It has been raining for days and unlike the man whom he lives with, Writer, Bear is fed up. In fact Bear thinks that he and Writer should go on a vacation, but unfortunately Writer is far too busy writing his book. So Bear, being a clever and imaginative sort, decides to take a few trips in his imagination. All he needs are a few props such as pots and pans, a bath tub, some paper towel rolls, and some outfits to dress up in. With these props Bear goes off to Spain to dance the flamenco, he goes to the Arctic for dogsledding, and he goes to Venice to ride in a gondola.

There comes a time though when even Writer is depressed by the incessant rain and then it is up to Bear to pull his friend out of the doldrums. Together the friends help each other through the gray wet days until at last the book is finished. Now the Bear and his man can go on a real holiday but where should they go?

Anyone who has ever had a case of the rainy blues will perfectly understand Bear and Writer?s situation. They will laugh at the things Bear does to make life more interesting and the funny and unexpected ending will amuse children and adults alike. The illustrations perfectly capture the quality of reality that Bear?s flights of fancy have and make us wish that we too had such a rich and powerful imagination.