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Push the Button

Push the Button

From the editors and writers at Beg
Illustrator:  Elliot Kreloff 
Novelty Book
For infants to age 2
Begin Smart, 2009   ISBN: 978-1934618172

For many years children learn about cause and effect. If they don’t do their homework they get in trouble. If they keep their room tidy they get praise. If they touch a hot pot they burn themselves. This clever board novelty book helps babies to explore the basic idea of cause and effect. If they push the red button on the book, they will hear a squeaking sound.

As they explore this book, little children will also find out that when a bee flies it buzzes, when the blades of a helicopter turn they makes a whirring sound, when water goes through a hose it makes a whooshing noise, and when a jack-in-the-box pops up a mouse says “eek!”

With childlike brightly colored illustrations, a button to squeak, lots of noise words, and a funny ending, this book is sure to be a firm favorite with little children who are just learning to explore the world with their eyes, their hands, and their ears.