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Pup and Hound (Kids Can Read)

Pup and Hound (Kids Can Read)

Susan Hood
Illustrator:  Linda Hendry 
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 6
Kids Can Press, 2004   ISBN: 978-1553375722

Hound is lying on the front porch when he hears a sound. What is it? He gets up and goes to investigate. What he finds is a very hungry Pup who needs to eat "now, now, now!"

Hound, being a very generous and kind dog, sets off to look for something for Pup to eat. He finds a stick, and he finds a shoe. Neither of these offerings are greeted with any great enthusiasm. Then Hound finds a hot dog on a picnic table. He brings this to Pup who promptly eats the whole thing. Poor Hound has to content himself with eating the stick for a snack. Still, he is a generous fellow and he doesn't mind too much. After all he is a lot bigger and older than Pup and he does his best to take care of the little fellow.

With its simple rhyming text and its repetitive sounds, this charming book about a friendship between two very different dogs is a perfect choice for young children who are learning how to read by themselves. Endearing illustrations provide readers with plenty of visual clues to help them with the text.