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Pup and Hound Scare a Ghost

Pup and Hound Scare a Ghost

Susan Hood
Illustrator:  Linda Hendry 
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Kids Can Press, 2007   ISBN: 978-1554531431

Old Mother Hen and the baby chicks have been frightened by something. What has got them so upset? Pup and Hound decide to investigate, and they soon discover that a strange, white, ghost-like object is making its way across the yard.  The dogs follow the frightening thing, which heads for the shadowy old shed.

In the shed they find an owl, and then they discover that the white ghost thing is now up in the tree. Soon it is off again with the dogs in hot pursuit. The ghost is heading for their house and the dogs begin to worry that it might, perhaps, decided to take up residence there. What are they going to do?

In this highly entertaining little story Pup and Hound have to face a very frightening adversary, and Hound shows his young companion just how a brave dog should behave. Young readers will  have a grand time reading the rhyming text and looking at the amusing illustrations, and they will also have a good giggle at the mistake that the dogs make.