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Professor Bumble and the Monster of the deep

Professor Bumble and the Monster of the deep

Daniel Napp
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Abrams, 2004   ISBN: 978-0810994843

Every Monday morning Professor Bumble - who is a bear - takes his goldfish friend, Beluga, for a swim in the river. On this particular morning he encounters Otter who is not a bit pleased that Professor Bumble has turned up. Otter wants to fish without a large bear splashing around in the river nearby.

Before Otter leaves to find a quieter spot, he tells Professor Bumble that it would not be wise to swim in the river because "the Monster of the Deep will get you." Professor Bumble is a very sweet fellow, and he is also rather gullible. Believing what spiteful Otter told him, Professor Bumble decides not to venture into the water. Beluga does not have his large friend's concerns and the little goldfish happily takes a swim – while his is still in his fishbowl of course.

Then the worst possible thing happens and Professor Bumble has to make a very important decision – a life or death decision.

Children will laugh out loud at the antics of Professor Bumble and his very small piscine friend. This is a delightful story about a misunderstanding that brings out the best in two brave souls. Both conquer their fears and face what frightens them, even though what they fear does not really exist. In the case of Professor Bumble, he shows us how far he will go to defend someone he cares for deeply.

With comical cartoon style art and a funny story, Daniel Napp reminds us that friendship is a truly wonderful thing.