Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Priscilla and Rosy

Priscilla and Rosy

Sharon Jennings
Illustrator:  Linda Hendry 
Picture Books
For ages 6 to 8
Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2001   ISBN: 978-1550416763

At first it looks as if Priscilla the rat is going to have a wonderful day. She has been invited to join Rudolph in his boat and she is very excited. Then Priscilla remembers that she has been invited to her best friend Rosy’s house to do a new puzzle. How provoking! Priscilla actually considers fibbing to her friend so she can go boating instead but she soon remembers that Rosy is her best friend and it simple would not do to cast off the rat who is always there for her.

So, reluctantly and without much good grace, Priscilla cancels her date with Rudolph and goes to Rosy’s house. She is appalled when she finds her friend sick and in bed. A very annoyed Priscilla goes home. Now what is Pricilla to do? Rosy won’t be able to spend the day with her, Rudolph has found someone else to go boating with him, and all Priscilla’s other friends are busy. She is all alone with nothing to do and she begins to feel very sorry for herself. And then Priscilla remembers that there is someone else out there who is even worse off than she is.

Priscilla is very easy to identify with, and children will quickly recognize themselves as they read about how Priscilla has to reming herself of what is important. Young readers will be charmed by Priscilla’s small rat world, her friends, and the very understandable feelings that she experiences.

Cunning illustrations perfectly capture this comfortable rat world with its loveable characters.