Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Princess Pig

Princess Pig

Molly Coxe
For ages 5 to 7
Bravemouse Books, 2014   ISBN: 978-1940947228

Pig and Twig, Pig’s mouse friend, are playing Princess together, and Pig announces that she is going to be the princess first. Twig is a fairy and she tells Pig to make three wishes. Pig wishes for a lipstick, and with a “Swish! Swish!” of her magic wand, Twig produces a lipstick. Next, Pig wishes for a picnic, and sure enough a picnic is soon ready, complete with cookies, sandwiches, and other treats. For her final wish Pig wants a magic trick, which Twig once again gives her friend.

   It should now be Twig’s turn to be the princess, but Pig refuses to give up her role. She keeps demanding wishes, which she gets, until, at last, Twig decides that enough is enough and she walks away. Twig is tired of being forced to be the fairy, and now Pig is all alone a friendless.

   For this delightful beginner reader book, Molly Coxe has created a charming felted pig and a mouse, who play the parts of Pig and Twig. Dressed up and provided with all the props they need, photos of the two characters tell a story that will resonate with young readers.