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Poppy’s Babies

Poppy’s Babies

Jill Barklem
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 and up
Simon and Schuster, 2000   ISBN: 978-0689831720

In the mill Poppy is trying to get her two babies to go to sleep but the sound of the mill wheel turning keeps waking Rose, Pipkin, and Buttercup and poor Poppy is quite exhausted. Living in the mill just isn’t convenient for the young family. Then Dusty, Poppy’s husband, has a chat with Mr. Apple who works in the Store Stump. Mr. Apple just happens to know that there is an empty cottage in the hawthorn tree which is next to the Store Stump and when Dusty looks it over he is convinced that it would make a perfect home for him, Poppy, and the babies.

Of course the cottage needs a lot of work. It is very dirty and there are repairs to do but with everyone pitching it to help, the job will soon be done. The hard part is trying to get the work done in time for the babies’ Naming Day and without Poppy finding out what is going on.

This lovely little story will delight Brambly Hedge fans of all ages. Beautifully detailed cutaway views of the little mouse homes will give younger readers so much to look at, and delicious looking dishes at the Naming Day celebration will have readers wishing that they were small enough to fit in the little house in the hawthorn tree.