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Pom-Pom Puppies: Make Your Own Adorable Dogs

Pom-Pom Puppies: Make Your Own Adorable Dogs

April Chorba
Illustrator:  Jim Kopp , Jerry Lofaro 
Photographer: Katrine Naleid and Rory Earnshaw
Novelty Craft Kit
For ages 8 to 11
Klutz, 2013   ISBN: 978-0545561648

At this moment, all over the world, there are children making things with their hands. They are threading beads on a string, molding clay to make pots, gluing fabric and photos onto paper to make a collage, and learning the basics of knitting and sewing. Using their hands to make something exercises children’s creative muscles and gives them a special form of fun.

   In this kit April Chorba shows children how to take a “boring ball of yarn” and turn it into a “puppy with personality.” All crafters have to do is to “wrap, snip, and glue – and then trim-trim until your puppy takes shape.” In her instruction book she begins by showing us what is included in the kit. There are four balls of yarn, bead eyes, foam noses and tongues, one pom-pom maker, bows, mini pom-poms, a comb, pieces of felt, and punch-out carriers, collars and other accessories. All the crafter needs is a pair of scissors.

   Next we learn that it takes two pom-poms to make a puppy and we are shown how to make a pom-pom. The easy-to-follow directions are paired with illustrations that show each step of the pom-pom making process. We then get to try to make our first puppy, a chihuahua. To start with we need two pom-poms of the same color. We are shown how to glue the dog’s nose, eyes, and ears to the head pom-pom, how to trim the body pom-pom to create paws, and then how to connect the head pom-pom and the body pom-pom.

   The chihuahua has a textured look. If you prefer a dog that is more fluffy, then the pomeranian might be the dog for you. To make this dog you follow steps that are very similar to the ones used to make the chihuahua. This time though you use the comb to fluff up the yarn.

   If you prefer dogs that are multicolored then you will want to look at the next project where you are shown how to make a black and tan pug. There are also directions for creating a beagle, a scottie, a border collie, and a yorkie. A page near the back of the book shows you how to make a ponytail, flowing ears, and a poodle ‘do,’ and there are photos to show you a pom-pom shih tzu, a spaniel, a poodle, and a papillon. Of course you can create any breed you want, or you can create a mix-breed puppy if you prefer.

   This kit would make a wonderful gift for someone who likes crafts and who is a dog fan.