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Polo and the Magic Flute

Polo and the Magic Flute

Regis Faller
Wordless Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 7
Roaring Brook Press, 2009   ISBN: 1596434953

Polo the little dog is going fishing. He puts on his backpack, swings into his boat (which saves him getting his paws wet) and soon he is standing on his boat with his line in the water. Polo greets a flying fish when it jumps over his little boat. He is horrified when an angry looking orca also decides to jump over his boat. The whale makes a huge splash, and Polo’s boat is carried far away on the crest of a huge wave.

The wave is so enormous, that Polo and his boat are deposited on the top of a tall hill in a distant land. A mysterious bear gives Polo a flute, and then it disappears into thin air. What follows is a series of increasingly bizarre events.

In this delightful Polo adventure, the little dog takes a journey that is unusual, interesting, and magical. Children will quickly fall in love with Polo, and they will want to ‘read’ the rest of the books in the series.