Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Please, Louise

Please, Louise

Frieda Wishinsky
Illustrator:   Marie-Louise Gay 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Groundwood Books, 2007   ISBN: 978-0888997968

Jake has a big problem in his life. The problem is small, and blond, and she won’t leave him alone. The problem is that he has a little sister called Louise, and she refuses to let Jake have a moment’s peace. Louise comes into his room and plays with his toys. She follows him around everywhere, and when Jake threatens to run away to get away from her, Louise says that she will always be able to find him because he is her brother and he “can’t change that.”

After a particularly loud and door slamming row with his little sister, Jake finds himself wishing that Louise were a dog. At least as a dog she wouldn’t be such a nuisance. Then he loses track of her for a short while. When he tries to find her some time later all he finds is a little dog. Surely his wish hasn’t come true? Surely the dog isn’t his little sister?

In this utterly charming picture book the conflict between a little sister and her older brother is perfectly captured. Young readers who have similar problems will be comforted to know that they are not the only ones to have these kinds of difficulties, and they will also be able to laugh at the experiences of this amusing pair of children.

Marie-Louise Gay has created appealingly whimsical illustrations for the story, pictures which portray Jake’s frustration and Louise’s naughtiness to perfection.