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Pirate Handbook

Pirate Handbook

Monica Carretero
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Cuento de Luz , 2011   ISBN: 978-8493781484

You may think that it would be easy to be a pirate. Surely all one has to do is to wear an eye patch, make lots of “argh” noises, and wear the right clothes. Alas, this is not the case. Being a convincing pirate takes work and finesse. Thankfully, this book will help a would-be pirate prepare him or herself in the right way.

   We begin our education by finding out what a pirate is and meeting some of the “Unknown Pirates of History.” Among other things we find out that the Smiley Pirate deceives people by having a “delicate appearance.” Underneath her flower covered hat and frilly skirt she is “Brave, fearless, and agile.

   Next we learn the “Pirate Oath,” and find out what a pirate should have with him or her at all times. Skull decorations are a must, as is a pirate flag, a spyglass, and an exotic bird. None of these are surprising, but did you also know that a peg leg is a pirate necessity, as are frills and feathers?

   The next stage in our education is to learn about the typical pirate ship. A detailed illustration shows us some of the people who travel on a pirate ship, such as the “bad guys in the crew” and the captain. We also learn the important parts of a pirate ship, such as the galley.

   Understanding what a pirate crew is like is really important and thankfully the author of this book takes the time to give us a careful description of the typical crew of a pirate ship. She then goes on to tell us about pirate vocabulary and code, shows us a treasure map, and provides us with information about pirate families.

   At the back of the book young pirates find some activities that will help them see if they have really learned what they need to know to be a pirate.

   Throughout this book wonderful illustrations and often funny text are brought together to give young pirate fans a title that they are sure to enjoy.