Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Piglet and Papa

Piglet and Papa

Margaret Wild
Illustrator:  Stephen Michael King 
Picture Book
For ages 2 to 4
Abrams, 2007   ISBN: 081091476X

Piglet is in the sty playing with her Papa when she chews his tail a little too hard. In a rush Papa chases his “little rascal” out of the sty and then he walks away from his wayward offspring. Piglet’s papa does not hear a worried Piglet ask “Do you love me?”

Wondering if her father is very angry with her Piglet wanders off. She comes across Horse and asks her if she loves Piglet. Horse likes Piglet’s “cute little ears” and she does indeed love the little pig, but there is someone who loves Piglet “ten times more.” Horse will not tell Piglet who this someone is.

Nor will Sheep, who also assures Piglet that he loves her but that there is someone who loves Piglet “a hundred times more.”

Piglet goes from animal to animal in the farm yard and they all tell her that they love her but that there is someone else who loves her far more. Who is this someone that they are all talking about?

Fathers and their little children will greatly enjoy sharing this love-filled heart-warming picture book. Children will be reminded that their fathers love them no matter what, and fathers will be reminded that it is important to tell their children that they are loved and cherished. Few readers will be able to resist the ever sweet Piglet with her soft pink roundness and her delightful curly tail. And few readers will not feel comforted as they turn the last page and see Piglet and her papa together.

This is a perfect title to share with children on Father’s Day. In addition, readers are sure to enjoy the other book that this author and illustrator have created together which is called “Piglet and Mama.”