Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Piglet and Mama

Piglet and Mama

Margaret Wild
Illustrator:  Stephen Michael King 
Picture Book
For ages 2 to 4
Abrams, 2004   ISBN: 0810958694

One morning Piglet realizes that she has no idea where her mama is – she has lost her! Not being the kind of piglet to just sit there and cry, Piglet goes off to look for her mother, calling for her as loudly as she can.

Piglet soon some across Duck who tells Piglet that her Mama is not there. Duck offers Piglet a hug but Piglet is in a hurry to find her mother. Next, Piglet meets Sheep who invites Piglet to help her and her lambs to make daisy chains. It looks like fun but Piglet needs to find her Mama.

Around the farmyard Piglet goes, from one farm animal to another, looking and calling. Will she ever find her mother?

Any child who has been lost will instantly feel a connection with this lonely looking little pig who is so sweet and so pitiful. From her curly little tail to her pert ears Piglet is irresistible. What makes this book special is that the author not only tells us Piglet’s story but she also shows us how all the other farm mothers show their love for their children. They hug, play, sleep, and romp with them. They make their colts, lambs, kittens, puppies, and ducklings feel loved and special.

Charming watercolor paintings and a story with a warming message of love makes this a perfect picture book for mamas to share with their children.