Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Pig Tale

Pig Tale

Helen Oxenbury
Picture Book
Simon and Schuster, 2005   ISBN: 1416902775

Bertha and Briggs are a pair of very bored pigs. Unfortunately for them they are unable to see that they have a very comfortable sort of life. In fact they have everything that a pig could wish for; “plenty to eat”, “trees for a scratch,” “cool mud for a wallow,” and many other delights. But, Bertha and Briggs are not content. They wish for so much more and most of all they wish they had lots of money. Why with money they could have a fast car, fancy clothes, a house, and a life full of pleasures.

One day, the two pigs are nosing about, as pigs are inclined to do, when they discover a chest full of treasure. What joy the two pigs feel, for now their dreams can come true. In no time Bertha and Briggs are off to town to have the “shopping spree” of a lifetime.

It is only after Bertha and Briggs acquire all the ‘things’ that they thought were necessary to be happy that they discover one very important point. Money does not necessarily buy happiness after all.

With a wonderfully catchy rhyme and a moral that children can relate to, this is a story that children will want to listen to and read over and over. Helen Oxenbury’s illustrations are delightfully funny and well presented.