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Peter and the Shadow Thieves

Peter and the Shadow Thieves

Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson
Illustrator:  Greg Call 
Fiction  Series
For ages 10 and up
Hyperion, 2006   ISBN: 978-0786837878

Peter and "the Lost Boys" are living quite happily on the island of Never Land. Peter spends his time tormenting the man he now calls Captain Hook and the Captain in turn plans ways in which he can capture the flying boy once and for all. This "comfortable" state of affairs is suddenly disrupted when a ship arrives on the island. On board is Peter's old enemy, Slank and another person who calls himself Lord Ombra. It is hard to say what Lord Ombra is exactly for he does not walk or talk like a man and he seems to cast a pall of chill darkness around him wherever he goes. More horrible still is the fact that this creature seems to be able to steal the shadows of those whom he wants to control. Lord Ombra has come to the island to find the truck magical star "stuff" which ended up on the island briefly not long ago. He discovers that the trunk of the stuff was taken back to London by Lord Aster and he sets off in pursuit. Peter, overhearing his plans, decides to follow Lord Ombra for he knows his friend Molly Aster is sure to be in danger.

Though Peter was once a London boy, he quickly finds out that he is no longer the person he once was. The city is alien to him and trying to find Molly turns out to be quite a challenge. Meanwhile Lord Ombra is hot on the trail of the precious stuff. He plans to kidnap a member of Lord Aster's family in the hope that he will be able to force Lord Aster to reveal where the stuff is. Will Peter reach Molly in time before Lord Ombra gets to her?

In this second book in the Peter series, we not only share yet another thrilling adventure with Peter and Tinker Bell, but we meet some new characters including a young man called George Darling. Unexpected twists and turns in the plot, spine tingling evil doers, and Peter's own charming character make this a thrilling read for anyone who likes high adventure and magic.