Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Peter and the Seal

Peter and the Seal

Rick de Haas
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
NorthSouth, 2012   ISBN: 978-0735840614

It is a warm day, and Peter is finding it hard to stay cool. His grandmother suggests that he should “go boating.” Peter and his dog Leo climb into Leo’s little submarine, and soon they are chugging along beneath the waves.

Under the water Peter sees all kinds of creatures, some of which he cannot even name. He and Leo are looking around so much that they don’t pay attention to where they are going, and the submarine gets stuck on a sandbank.

As the tide goes out, the sea level falls more and more until the submarine is sitting on the sandbank high and dry. Peter and Leo are going to have to spend the night away from home. The little boy knows that his grandmother will be worried about him, but there is nothing he can do about his situation for now.

Peter and Leo enjoy looking at the beautiful star-filled night sky for a while, and then they hear a noise that makes them eager to go into the submarine where they will be safe. Peter prepares to go to sleep, but Leo is restless. He hears something outside. Then the submarine tips over. Something has pushed against it!

In this second picture book about Peter, the little boy who lives in a lighthouse has a delightful little adventure with his dog. Readers will enjoy trying to guess what is going on outside the stranded submarine.