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Petar's Song

Petar's Song

Pratima Mitchell
Illustrator:  Caroline Binch 
Picture Book
For ages 7 to 9
Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 2005   ISBN: 978-1845073527

More than anything Petar loves to play his violin and his music gives great joy to his family and to the people who live in his village. Then one day, while Petar is out watching over the cows, war comes to his valley. Quickly his mother, his brother, and sister all prepare to leave. It is no longer safe for them to stay in the village and they begin to walk across the mountains and across the border to a country where there is no war.

The refugees are quickly settled in their new life but Petar cannot feel happy nor can he play his violin because they had to leave Petar's father behind. Petar wonders if he will ever see his father again and he cannot find any happiness in his heart to play his music. It is only when Christmas arrives that Petar finally finds what he is looking for and once again he picks up his violin to play.

All too often people fail to realize how devastating war is on the lives of children. In this picture book the author and illustrator capture the loss and fear that a boy feels when his is driven from his home by war. They also offer these children a message of hope that peace will come again one day and families will once again be reunited.