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Petal Perfect: Flower Crafts to color your world

Petal Perfect: Flower Crafts to color your world

Patricia Doherty
Novelty Craft Kit
For ages 9 to 12
American Girl, 0000   ISBN: 978-1593691851

We all have those grey days when it seems as if spring will never come, when it feels as if nothing will be cheerful again. For such days we need to do something to put a little sunshine in our lives. A good place to start is to make something that is bright, colorful and cheerful. Something flowery perhaps?

In this kit you will find all kinds of ideas for making flowery projects to brighten your room and your life. You can begin simply with a flower shaped cork board with flower shaped tacks to stick on it. Then you can go on to dress up the lamp shade in your room. With just a few silk flowers, a hole puncher and some colored brads you can give your lamp shade a whole new look. Pillows can be similarly dressed up with mini pompoms, felt, rickrack, jewels, silk cord, sequin trim, and fabric glue. The possibilities are endless. Why you can even dress up yourself with little flower earrings.

Girls with an eye for bright colors, floppy petals, and jaunty leaves will have a wonderful time making things using this kit. They will be inspired by the projects described in the book and the items included in the kit are sure to get crafters off to a great start. The projects in the book are well illustrated with photographs and include a complete list of what is needed for each project. Throughout the book emphasis is placed on how important it is for the crafter to use her own creativity to give her projects the unique look.