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Penny's Christmas Jar Miracle

Penny's Christmas Jar Miracle

Jason F. Wright
Illustrator:  Ben Sowards 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 8
Shadow Mountain, 2009   ISBN: 1606411675

Every year, Penny Paisley and her family collect loose change in a jar. Then, at Christmas time, they decide who to give the jar to. This year Penny is very excited because it is her turn to decide what they are going to do with this year’s Christmas jar. After some thought, Penny decides that the money should be used to host a neighborhood party. Penny’s parents and her little brother love the idea.

Some days later Penny finds out that Grandpa Charlie, one of the neighbors, is sick. In fact he is so sick that he has to stay in bed, and he has to sell his truck to pay for his medical bills. Penny is very fond of Grandpa Charlie and she wishes there was something that she could do to help him. Then she comes up with an idea, and she and her family set Penny’s plan in motion.

This warm holiday story will remind young readers that giving to others truly is a gift in itself. With soft illustrations and a meaningful message, this is a perfect book to share with children in the weeks leading up to Christmas.