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Peekaboo Pals A to Z

Peekaboo Pals A to Z

Becky Davies
Illustrator:  Gareth Lucas 
Novelty Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Silver Dolphin Books, 2016   ISBN: 978-1626865204

Learning something new always presents us with challenges, and it is wonderful when we have friends who are willing to help us. In this engaging lift-a-flap book a group of delightful, and often quite funny animals help us to learn our alphabet.

Alligator is the first one on the scene, holding up a large letter A (which he has taken a bite out of but we won’t talk about that). He looks out at us, a little smile on his face. When we lift the flap we see that this alligator is an art aficionado. There he is, wearing a black beret, “admiring some art” that he has created.

For the letter B Bear appears on the scene. Under her flap we find a picture of her wearing a pink ballet outfit and she is “balancing on a bean,” which is quite an accomplishment.

Camel is carrying the letter C on his back, and Dolphin is jumping through the letter D, which is quite a dramatic thing to do. On Dolphin’s page Zebra turns up. He greets us with a smile and a “Hello, everyone!” and on the next page he asks if it is “my turn yet.” Which is isn’t. Zebra is going to have to wait as we make our way through the alphabet, but it turns out that the striped animal is not very patient, and he keeps appearing on the pages that rightfully belong to other animals.

Children are going to thoroughly enjoy exploring this wonderful board book. There are two or three flaps to lift on every spread, and when the reader comes to the end of the book they will get a funny surprise.