Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Peek-a-boo What?

Peek-a-boo What?

Novelty Board Book
For infants to age 3
Begin Smart, 2009   ISBN: 1934618500

Little children have, for the most part, very little control over their lives. Of course, they can cry when they need something, but they don’t get much of a say in what they do. This book gives little children something special because it allows them to stick fingers through holes, turn pages by themselves, and when they open a fold-out page they make something magically appear. When they close the page, they make something magically disappear.

Each double page spread presents little readers with a peek-a-boo situation. For example, the second spread shows us a little blue fish swimming across the page. We can see something behind the fold-out page through the peek-a-boo peep holes. What’s there? When the page is opened, children will see an array of blue fishes and the word “blue” written across the fold-out area.

With interesting associations to discover, words to learn, delightful collage pictures to look at, and novelty features to explore, this is a book that will give little children hours of fun.