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Pearls of Lutra

Pearls of Lutra

Brian Jacques
Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
Penguin, 1996   ISBN: 978-0399229466

When her entire family is wiped out by a ruthless shipload of corsair vermin, Grath Longfletch the otter is determined to have her revenge on their killers. Her family were slaughtered for a set of six magnificent pink pearls that they owned which Ublaz Mad Eyes, master of the island of Sampetra, wanted to have to grace a beautiful jeweled crown that he had made for himself. Unfortunately for Ublaz, two of the pirate crew members stole the pearls and escaped into Mossflower. Undaunted Ublaz sends a crew of his pirates after the two thieves to retrieve the pearls. Led by a terrifying monitor lizard the pirates make their way deep into Mossflower woods.

It is only when their abbot and one of the young abbey dwellers is kidnapped by these pirates that the good creatures of Redwall Abbey learn about the pink pearls and discover that they are hidden somewhere in the building and grounds of the abbey. In a race against time and led by Tansy the hogmaid, the creatures of Redwall try to find the pearls. For Martin, the champion of Redwall, this is not enough and with Clecky the hare and others, he sets of in pursuit, determined to rescue the abbot and bring him back to Redwall safe and sound.

Meanwhile, on the Isle of Sampetra, Ublaz, who has dominated and lorded over many pirate crews and their captains, finds that he has a major mutiny on his hands. Will he get the pink pearls after all and more importantly will he be able to hold onto the power that he covets so much?

Ripe with intrigue, betrayal, vengeance, and heroism, this is the kind of swashbuckling tale that Redwall fans of all ages will enjoy. Peppered with colorful and captivating characters, this Tale from Redwall will carry the reader off to a time and place where right prevails and where a pirate can be touched by the kindness of others.