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Papa do you love me?

Papa do you love me?

Barbara Joosse
Illustrator:  Barbara Lavallee 
Board Book
For ages 4 to 6
Chronicle Books, 2005   ISBN: 978-0811842655

A young Maasai boy wonders if his father loves him. He wonders how much his father loves him and if his father would still love him if he makes mistakes and is naughty. His father tells the boy that he will always love his "Tender Heart" and even if the boy does something naughty, he would still love him. If the boy is hot the father will shelter him from the sun and if the boy is afraid of the hyenas the father will hold his son close and they will howl to the moon until the creatures are frightened off. No matter what happens in their African world on the open plains the father will always love, teach and care for his "Tender Heart."

This beautifully illustrated picture book not only captures the life of a Maasai family but it also captures the love and pride that a father feels for his son. No matter where a father lives on this planet, these sentiments are the same no matter how different their lands and customs are. Children will be interested to see how this little boy lives and in the back of the book the author provides further explanations of the Maasai world and culture.

This book is a wonderful companion title to the book "Mama do you love me" also written by Barbara M. Joose and illustrated by Barbara Lavallee.